Interim management - temporary, defined as to the purpose and scope, action inside the organization, carried out by an individual (Interim Manager), aimed at achieving a specific, fixed business results, based on cooperation and participation in risk and profit - in relation to the intended effect. The most important aspect of Interim Manager is to increase value of the organization in specified area and implementation of a particular purpose. (Source: See:  



Andrzej Miziołek. Graduate of Chemical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology (Industrial Biotechnology).

For over 15 years I manage sales and sales support departments. I optimized more than 20 manufacture and logistics strings based on the selection of optimal packaging solutions. I implemented projects for companies such as Philips, Cadburry (Lotte) Wedel, Unilever, Avon, Pepsico, Oriflame, Mars, Danone, Tchibo, Jerónimo Martins Distribution (Biedronka’s chain). I formed an effective sales structures from scratch. I was responsible for small, medium and large sales groups in the B2B segment, operating on the Polish market as well as in the CEE region.

In conducted projects, I am interested in cost analysis of processes and improvement of their efficiency
by seeking for unconventional solutions.

Privately, husband and father of 3 children. Marathon runner.

In IMAG SAVINGS responsible for:

  • optimization of manufacture – logistics strings,
  • building effective sales structures,
  • building strength of IMAG SAVINGS brand.


Andrzej Miziołek


Grzegorz Brzozowski. Graduate of the Quality Management at Poznan University of Economics (commodity science) and Business Psychology at the Leon Kozminski University in Warsaw. 

Over 10 years of professional progression, I gained experience in industries such as: automotive, FMCG, logistics, trade and services, food industry and agriculture. I worked for both start-ups and small businesses as well as for international corporations. I implemented projects in cooperation with Volkswagen, Mars, FM Logistics, Waberer's, DSV, Nagel, Quality Packers, Bertrans, Alfoldi, Univer, Fast Service, ExiWork, ETC, Hypred.

In accomplishing the goals for my clients, I am looking for excellence in work organization by maximizing the effectiveness of each single action (praxeology). I believe that compliance of the leaders of the highest ethical and professional standards naturally stimulates motivation and commitment among employees.

Privately, husband and father of 2 daughters. Long distance runner and triathlete.

In IMAG SAVINGS responsible for:

  • client project management,
  • analysis and improvement of strategic management processes,
  • operational management of the company.

Grzegorz Brzozowski

How big profits are savings! (Cicero)

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